EMpowerment for peace

Mission statement

While the number of armed conflicts is at an all-time peak, the space to engage with those in a non-violent way for the purpose of peace is constantly shrinking.

Unfortunately, most peace initiatives are dominated by external strategies and ideals that are alien to local communities, therefore ineffective, and might thus add to the impression that military interventions might be better suited to deal with volatile and escalating situations.

Empowerment for Peace (EfP) is an NGO based in Austria supporting inclusive political empowerment and peace. We reject force as a sustainable means to deal with armed conflicts and societal disputes.
In line with the UN’s Sustaining Peace Agenda (A/RES/70/262 and S/RES/2282), EfP embraces locally emerging dynamics of problem-solving and affirms  local approaches to peace and justice.
EfP is committed to globally-relevant issues including international cooperation, inclusion, diversity, religious tolerance, digital and media literacy, empowerment of children, youth, and women as well as to the protection of human rights. 

EfP pursues its mission based on local approaches and perspectives under the leadership of local peace actors, supported, sustained and empowered through the provision of theoretical and practical frameworks, foundations, and spaces.

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