Gregor Fischer-Lessiak is a legal researcher focussing on human rights law and its application, especially in the area of combatting racism and hate speech. He has worked in and/or managed various interdisciplinary human rights research projects at the intersections of law, sociology, contemporary history, and communication science. 

Michael Kramer is a jurist and political scientist with experience working for NGOs in the field of asylum and migration law. His research focuses on the relationship between the state and Islam, including the social and systemic integration of Muslims and Islam in European contexts, Islamic dispute resolution, peacebuilding, European-Islamic theology, Islamic religious instruction and interreligious education in schools.

Bernadette Holzer is a researcher, trainer, and programme manager with significant international experience at the intersection of human rights, peacebuilding and development and with a focus on the right to education, children’s rights, and the alignment of municipal policies with human rights standards.

Maximilian Lakitsch is a researcher in the field of peace studies and international relations. Having worked for various NGOs in Austria and Lebanon, he also has a background in development cooperation and peace practice. He is interested in issues of peacebuilding, empowerment, and environmental justice, with a focus on the MENA region and especially Syria, Lebanon, and Israel-Palestine.

Elke Marksteiner is a multimedia producer and manager for communications and projects. She has dedicated 20 years to visual design as well as internal and external communication and the management of campaigns. Her compass is focused on the development of potential and the higher goal of intergenerational justice. This value- and meaning-oriented focus is part of holistic communication – the visual and content design and shaping.

Josef Mühlbauer BA MA is a political scientist and philosopher. He worked as a scientific researcher for the Demokratiezentrum and is a founding member of the Varna Institute for Peace Research (VIPR). Currently he is a researcher at the Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS). His books “Zur imperialen Lebensweise” (2022) & “Kritische Friedensforschung” (2024) have been published by the Mandelbaum Verlag. He taught at universities in Germany (HFGG Koblenz) and Austria (PH Klagenfurt & PH Burgenland).

Viktoria Pichler

Viktoria Prettenhofer-Pichler is a cultural anthropologist and social worker. Her focus is on the fields of child protection, peace and globalisation with an additional emphasis on approaching these fields methodically with complex thinking and acting. She has worked for governmental and non-governmental organisations. One of the most important aspect for her personally is the educational work that she wishes to be put within the above-mentioned fields, emphasizing the connection between reserach and practice.

Kerstin Wonisch is a lawyer, researcher, trainer, and scholar of religious studies. She focuses in her research on rights of religious minorities, both in international and in traditional Islamic law, on the governance of religious diversity, as well as on religion and gender. She has worked in and/or managed various interdisciplinary research projects as well as in an educational project for Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps.